A protocol was announced for the visit of Judge Antonetti to Vojislav Seselj in his cell and office of the UN Detention Unit. The purpose of this visit is to verify if the accused, who will be representing himself, has been provided with the adequate working conditions

Jean-Claude Antonetti, judge at the TribunalJean-Claude Antonetti, judge at the Tribunal

In order to make sure that the accused has been provided with proper working conditions, Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti will visit Vojislav Seselj’s cell and office in the UN Detention Unit before his trial opens on 7 November 2007.

The visit will take place according to a protocol stipulated by Judge Antonetti himself. Anonetti will be accompanied by a legal officer of the Trial Chamber, a representative of the Registry and an interpreter. Seselj was ordered to ensure that his cell and the room he may use as his office are cleared of any documents he will be using in his defense case. He must do that either alone or with the assistance of the Detention Unit.

The protocol specifies that the accused will not verbally communicate with Judge Antonetti and other persons present during the visit. If Seselj does so, the Registry representative must record it. The same applies to other persons present: they are not to address the accused and if they do so, the Registry representative will record it. The protocol stipulates that the audio recordings of any verbal communication between the accused and his visitors can be played back at the pre-trial conference, scheduled for 6 November 2007.